Margilan Butterfly Silk Fabric--SALE

Margilan Butterfly Silk Gauze Factory Second Sale

Margilan Butterfly Silk Gauze Fabric from Uzbekistan for Nuno Felting.  This fabric is undyed.

Our Margilan silk is like people we know. It comes with many flaws and rough edges, but we still love it for the light and sparkle it brings to our life and our felt.

It is woven in small cottage industry settings which means it will vary each time in uniformity. If you need a perfect weave, we suggest  you select our undyed Silk Mesh or choose from our already dyed line of beautiful Habotai silk.

We have imported thousands of meters of this product over the years.  However, we have a some that has too many flawsWe are offering this as a special sale product.

Sale:  $5.00 / yard 33% discount (normally $7.50 / yd)

 Some yard lengths of this lot of fabric may have 4 or more flaws.  Some have less.  Pot luck.  The savings are worth it. If you are planning to use the Margilan Butterfly Silk Fabric in a way where the flaws don't matter to you, this offering price will be a tremendous deal.

Here are some pictures showing the flaws.






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