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The Rendezvous is almost here for 2020!!

Mark and Jill look forward to seeing you all and providing you with the best fibers and service possible.

In order to assist you with supplies for your classes, we have constructed this page specifically to address the supply lists for each of the classes.  We encourage you to call us for personalized service and assistance in making your choices.

We can bring your order directly to the event and you can collect it when you register, or we can ship to you ahead of time if you plan to do some dyeing yourself.

Margilan Silk

Several of the workshops are using MARGILAN SILK (sparse/rarified silk "scrim" from Uzbekistan).  We have carried this (undyed) for several years under our trademark name of BUTTERFLY SILK.  It comes in 34" (90 cm) and 45" (115 cm) widths.

Dyed Margilan Silk

This year, several instructors are asking for DYED margilan silk, so Jill has begun dyeing some of the wider silk as per the video shown on the Butterfly Silk page.  She is dyeing 3-yard lengths and 1-yard lengths in the 45" silk.

Shown here are some examples of the colors currently available.  These are all singular, one-off pieces.  View and buy the available colors on the Margilan Silk Dyed Fabric page.  More choices will be available as Jill has time to create colors that coordinate with the dyed habotai and complementary 18.5 micron merino that is part of our regular stock, so check back here often to see the options.

In order to best assist you, we suggest you give us a call 512-222-9665.  If the supply list for your class is overwhelming or confusing, we can help simplify things for you.

margilan-17.jpg margilan-21.jpg margilan-6.jpg
Here are some samples the type of combinations available using Habotai silk fabric, dyed Margilan silk, and superfine merino wool
habotai-banded-iron-wool-and-margilan-silk.jpg habotai-coastal-heath-wool-and-margilan-silk1.jpg habotai-dijon-wool-and-margilan-silk.jpg

 Check the classes below to see the fiber/fabric supply list for your class:

Beth Marx - 4-day Vest Class:


* At least 12 ounces of fine or super fine Merino wool roving (not super wash) ~18-20 microns for the vest and the pre-felts. White or one or more colors to coordinate or contrast with your silk fabrics.

* 8-12 yards of sheer silk fabric for the vest and the pre-felts.

 Can be one color or more, solid or print

 Can be several smaller pieces to total 8-12 yards.

 You can buy white silk and dye it or use recycled fabric such as sheer recycled clothing, silk scarves, etc.

 Silk 3-5 momme: gauze, chiffon, habotai, paj, Margilan (Uzbek or butterfly), or China silk

 * Optional items to embellish: silk hankies, ribbons, yarns, silk saris, other fibers, additional silk scrap fabric, tussah silk, etc.  

We can supply you with everything on this list. If you don't want to dye fabric yourself, we can help put together a combination you will be happy with.  Our dyed Margilan Silk would be suitable for the first layer which will be the inside of your garment, and would be less costly.  Here is what Beth says:
I love Margilan/Butterfly silk and it would totally be suitable for the students to use as their first layer of fabric.  They could use either the white or the dyed version.  It is actually beautiful too layered over other fabrics and creates such a beautiful sheen.  If they use it on the inside on the vest, the 3 yard lengths would be better.  But the one yard lengths would be terrific as embellishments on the top layer of the vest.  
Jenny Hill's Bolero Class:
* 1 lbs. of 19 micron Merino wool in a coordinating color with your textured nuno fabric  
Please note that we typically only have room to bring a pound of each of our 90 different colors.  If you want to ensure your particular color choice is available, we would suggest you call ahead and order your wool ahead of time.  We can bring it with us to save you on postage and you can pick it up when you register.  This will ensure you have enough of the color you need.
Robbin Firth's Nuno Silk Wrap Class:


* 3.5 yards of dyed habotai silk (5 momme and 55 in wide)

* 3 yards of Margilan dyed silk fabric, 120cm wide. If you can’t find 120cm wide then you will need an extra yard and a half to equal 4.5 yards total

* 6 -8oz. (12-19.5 micron) Solid colored Merino top/roving fiber

* 3 -5oz. of a darker colored merino than the merino described in the previous bullet point

* 3-4 oz. Mulberry silks brick fibers or mulberry silk top fibers

* 1.5 oz. Embellishment Fibers (cultivated silks, and tussah silk fibers) Coordinate your colors to match your dyed merino fiber and merino fiber center base

Jill has been dyeing 3-yard lengths and 1-yard lengths of 120cm wide Margilan Silk.  See the pictures on this page for suggestions of dyed habotai and merino wool that will coordinate with the margilan she has dyed.  Feel free to call for more info. 512-222-9665  More colors will be added as Jill dyes more.
Robbin has confirmed that our 45" habotai will be suitable for the class, so if you have difficulty sourcing the 55" fabric, feel free to browse our big selection of dyed habotai.  
We will also have a wide selection of silk embellishment fibers - bombyx, tussah, silk brick, silk lap, throwster's waste and bags of silk fabric pieces.
Pat Spark's Marvelous Margilan Class: 


* 8 ounces total, merino wool top: 18-20 microns - in 3 or 4 coordinating colors.

* 3 ounces total light weight cellulose fibers such as bamboo or viscose in colors to coordinate with the merino colors.

* Margilan silk – Rarefied (scrim) for sample backgrounds: ½ yard in a color to coordinate with the merino.

Margilan silk – Sparse or Rarefied for collage/ inclusion sample: ¼ yard pieces in 3 or 4 coordinating colors. (That also coordinate with the merino.)

Margilan silk – Rarefied (scrim) for final scarf. 1 piece, 90 inches x 15 inches. A color that coordinates with the merino fiber. (This is 2.5 yards in length. You will not use the whole piece and the rest of the fabric can be used for the sample backgrounds.)




habotai-banded-iron-wool-and-margilan-silk.jpg habotai-coastal-heath-wool-and-margilan-silk1.jpg  

 Banded Iron Habotai

 Coastal Heath Habotai



Dijon Habotai


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