Gossamer | Margilan Butterfly Silk 45in--SALE

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Gossamer | Margilan Butterfly Silk 45in--SALE
  • On Sale with FLAWS.  
  • Some yard lengths of this lot of fabric may have 4 or more flaws.  Some have less.  Pot luck.  The savings are worth it. If you are planning to use the Margilan Butterfly Silk Fabric in a way where the flaws don't matter to you, this offering price will be a tremendous deal.
  • Available in 45" width
  • Gossamer Butterfly Silk Fabric is our lightest weight silk gauze fabric
  • Imported from Uzbekistan
  • Margilan rarefied silk gauze
  • Sold by the yard
  • 1/2 oz per yard for 45"
  • Use for surface texture for Nuno Felting
  • Not a stand-alone base fabric
  • This fabric is Undyed