Seri Silk


Seri Silk Top in Color Harmonies

Seri Silk is Bombyx (Mulberry) silk with an higher amouseri-silk-cobseb-dijon.jpgnt of sericin left in the silk fiber.  Sericin is the natural glue-like substance that a silk worm exudes when producing silk for a cocoon.  It holds the silk fibers together. When some is left in the silk roving during production, it has the effect of holding the fibers together somewhat.

.Seri silk cannot be drafted as normal.  This fiber is best used when fanned out sideways, the fibers clinging together in places, creating a spectacular cobweb effect.  Large surface areas can be covered in a short time, and this method retains the beauty of the space-dyed colorways.

 We have a limited amount of this fiber.

Sold in 25 gram packets