Bombyx Harmonies


Bombyx Silk Top in Color Harmonies

Bombyx silk is produced from caterpillars that have eaten mulberry leaves.  It is commonly referred to as "Cultivated" or "Mulberry" silk.  This highly lustrous fiber is extremely scrumptious for felting, handspinning or silk paper making.

Keep in mind that silk relies on the wool fiber to be incorporated into the felt.  When spread thinly on a wool base, the scales on the wool fiber catch the silk during the felting process.  The shrinking of the wool results in a interesting texture.

Silk Tops are fibers processed by cleaning, carding, and combing.  Short fibers, neps, and noils are removed and all the remaining long fibers are aligned parallel to one another.  Silk can also used by feltmakers to decorate their work with to make a lustrous and colorful final product. 

The displayed colors are in continuous length and have been wrapped around a curved surface so that you may see the complete colorway. A few of the colorways are made up of two lengths (8 colors) for the complete colorway.  They are designated by a #.

# Denotes this Harmony has been designed using eight colors. Two equal strands, each containing four colors, is combined together to create the desired effect.

Sold in 25 gm packets.