Silk Gauze Neck-Knack Scarf Kits

Neck-Knack Nuno Scarf Kits with Silk Gauze (Tissue Silk)

We have all the fibers and fabrics you need to make fabulous garments and accessories. In addition to this Tissue silk fabric, Outback Fibers also sells dyed  Habotai silk fabric to coordinate with our superfine space-dyed merino.  Our fabrics allow you to produce incredible results for your Nuno felting projects. Have a look at our very open weave silk gauze called Butterfly Silk Fabric.

What is Nuno Felting?  It is the technique of layering very small amounts of wool onto a woven fabric.  The base fabric is usually silk or cotton.  Through the felting process, the wool fiber migrates through the fabric. As the normal shrinkage from the felting process takes place, the fabric is pulled, creating unique textures in the product.  This process is also called "laminated felt"

Our Outback Nuno Felt Kits for Tissue silk fabric match our line of superfine space-dyed merino harmonies wool fiber available in stunning complementary colorways.  

Neck-Knack Silk Gauze / Tissue Scarf Kits are prepackaged kits containing silk fabric*, Merino wool, and clear instructions to create a beautiful scarf.

*Please note that the scarf length of fabric is ripped down from 45" wide yardage in order to give you a longer length.  Many pre-hemmed scarves are designed for silk painting.  The shrinkage that occurs during felting often results in a hemmed scarf that is too short, so we give you a full 96" starting length.  Consequently, your fabric will contain raw edges on one or both sides as well as the ends.  Solution--Either place wool around the perimeter to cover the raw edges, or simply fold over and iron an inch of the fabric and then ensure that your wool fibers cover the raw edge, leaving a folded ruffle of silk down the sides when finished.  Fringes can be added to each end to both cover the raw edge and to provide more interest.