Throwsters Waste

Silk fiber with luster and texture

Throwster's Waste is curly pieces of silk fiber waste. This silk fiber offers interesting surface embellishment for your felting projects. These silk fibers are beautifully dyed and give you the finest colors to use in your project. The incredible results will be admired by all who see your work.

Outback Fibers imports silk and wool fibers from Treetops Colour Harmonies in Australia.

Note: Due top a change in Treetops' current stocks of this product, the "hand" of these fibers has changed. As color stocks run out, Outback Fibers will be substituting this alternate silk waste fiber. While identical in color, and very similar in appearance, this fiber feels less silky, yet achieves a more robust and well-defined texture when felted. Please consider these factors when ordering this product, but be assured that you can expect the usual great quality fibers you have come to expect from Outback Fibers.

* denotes eight colour combinations - which are created by combing equal amounts of two different four-colour colourways.
+ denotes colorways which have slightly less wash-fastness. They contain a bright "fuchsia-like" dye which is slightly less wash-fast than our other dyes. this is a common characteristic for any fuchsia dye.

Sold in 25 gm packets.