Profusion PreFelts


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ProFusion Prefelts are manufactured in Australia exclusively for Outback Fibers.

Outback ProFusion Prefelts are:profusion-colors.jpg

Sizes offered

Note: the widths can vary slightly due to the manufacturing process. Steam ironing the prefelt before use can help expand the width. We are also able to provide custom lengths longer than 80". Please call or email for a quote.

You will enjoy this product.  Here is what some users wrote: 

"The prefelts are so easy to use.  Tiny snippets can be used to create intricate designs on prefelt substrates.  And one of the best things about Outback Fibers is the names of the colors.  No matter what your device screen shows, the name given the color is right on.  I have come slowly to prefelts but they are going to save my -year-old arm and shoulder from the stress and strain of making felt from absolute scratch.  Having a prefelt base speeds the felting process for felt from roving, yarn, etc.  I'm a fan."

"A bit of a confession here ... I used to feel that using prefelt was sort of cheating and that if I was really any good, I wouldn't need it. Well, obviously I was simply [not thinking] and in an effort to curb my tendency to be thick, decided to explore using it. In the past year I've purchased and used prefelt... and am now quite the fan."

Excellent quality. Lots of people are discovering the benefit of using prefelts.

Another user says "...I just wanted to thank you for your really superior pre-felts. I've worked with other fibers and there is no comparison for ease of use, non-fugitive dyes or quality of the fiber."


Using Outback Fibers ProFusion prefelt is quick and easy, avoiding the sometimes tedious layout of fibers.  ProFusion is able to be enhanced with a range of surface embellishments added before felting. Using contrasting colors for two layers allows for an interesting heathered effect due to the fibers working through from the other side. 




We have a limited supply of manufacturing flaw pieces (2nds) for purchase.  They are posted here as they come available.

This is a video shows using ProFusion Prefelts and silk hankies.