Wool Batts

Merino and Merino-Corriedale Batts

Outback Fibers stocks wool batts. We have two types.  Our Natural Merino shown is in the typical white color of natural Merino sheep wool.  It is not bleached.   We also have a small supply of Merino-Corriedale batts in darker colors.  None of these batts are dyed.  These full size carded batts are approximately 8 ft X 6 ft and weigh 3 to 3.5 pounds.  They are lightly needled on the surface--making them perfect for felting. 

Note:  A small amount of vegetable matter remains in the fiber.  These batts are in natural color of the fleece.

Sizes Sold:

1/4 Batt (approximately 3 ft x 4 ft
1/2 Batt (approximately 6 ft x 4 ft
Whole Batt (approximately 6 ft x 8 ft