Outback Fibers has an abundance of instruction and information about the ancient craft of Felting. If you are looking for information about felting, click on the following links to get started.

Go to our Felting Basics page and learn how to make felt. There is an instructional video on the page.

How about a fun project for the children? Try making a Felt Ball. The kids will have a "ball" getting hands-on experience making different sizes and colors.

Have you tried Prefelts?  Outback Fibers is manufacturing an ultra-thin needled prefelt. We call it Outback ProFusion. This fantastic product is light and thin and will make your projects so much easier.  It allows you to bypass the majority of the roving layout.  It is very light weight and perfect for scarves with a single layer of embellishment. It can also be doubled and tripled for garments.

Follow the links for instructions.  

Basic Felting Techniques

Felting Basics with embedded videos
Felt Ball 

More Advanced Felting Techniques

Elegant Scarf
One Way Scarf--there's only one way to make it
Felting with needled pre-felts (ProFusion).



Jill is available for teaching Outback Felting Workshops to a group or privately. Please call or email for more information.

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