ProFusion Prefelts--Second Quality

Outback Fibers has a limited amount of second quality prefelts available on a "first come first served" basis at a special price.  If there are no items available below, it means that we are currently out of stock in these factory seconds.  We have plenty of first quality ProFusion Prefelts in 24 colors

Due to the difficult manufacturing process involved in producing Outback Fibers ProFusion Prefelt, there are occasional sections of a product run that are not first quality. We are offering these reduced quality prefelts for a very good price. They are still useable products but may have one or more of the following manufacturing flaws.

Some of the color variations may be visible on one side but hardly noticeable on the other side. It may be possible to pick color flecks out of the prefelt. It is also possible that they would add to your particular design or be hidden with other design elements incorporated in your project.

There are pictures below that will show some examples of the types of flaws the sale pieces may have.  There are not pictures of every piece or flaw. The color picture of the product shows the color and is not intended to show flaws. You are not guaranteed a certain type of flaw. There are no returns on this special deal.

Flecks Pucker Color Variation
pf-aubergine-second.jpg pf-terracotta-second.jpg pf-natural-second.jpg



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