Silk Gauze - Tissue Silk Fabric

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Nuno Felting Specialty Fabric with Silk Gauze (Tissue Silk)

Specialty silk fabric from Treetops Colour Harmonies.  Outback Fibers has a beautiful line of gorgeous, hand-dyed, silk gauze (tissue-silk) fabrics for nuno felting. Coordinate these silk fabrics with their matching 18.5 micron superfine merino wool and tussah silk roving, or bombyx silk roving.  Tissue silk compares to silk chiffon in ease for felting, but has a nicer hand and drape.

Silk Fabric Yardage

Scarf Blanks 

Lightweight, open-weave silk guaze / tissue silk at 4.5mm is the perfect fabric for beginning nuno felters and those wanting a gauzy, soft finish. Choose our dyed habotai silk fabrics for a tighter weave with more luster and a more substantial pucker.  Have a look at our gossamer-weave, undyed silk gauze called Butterfly Silk Fabric or our heavier Silk Mesh.

These fabrics are perfect for your very own unique, one-of-a-kind piece of nuno felt and are sure to attract attention and interest.  Outback Fibers has all the bits and pieces you need to make fabulous neckware and other distinctive nuno projects

What is Nuno Felting?  It is the technique of layering very small amounts of wool onto a woven fabric.  The base fabric is usually silk or cotton.  Through the felting process, the wool fiber migrates into the fabric. As the normal shrinkage from the felting process takes place, the fabric is ruched, creating unique textures in the finished product.  This process is also called "laminated felt"

Our Neck-Knack Scarf Kits are pre-packaged kits containing a 97"x15" piece of unhemmed silk fabric, Merino wool, and clear instructions to create a beautiful scarf. Click here to see the kits.

Other Silk Fabrics
Habotai Silk Fabric  - 4.5mm - tighter weave with beautiful luster
Silk Mesh - 5mm - open weave with some luster
Butterfly Silk Fabric -very light weight, open weave and lustrous. No mm rating