Tussah Silk--Clearance Sale

Tussah Silk Tops in Color Harmonies and Solid Colors

Tussah Silk is commonly referred to as "wild" silk. The caterpillars feed on leaves of multiple types of trees in the forest that contain tannin. This silk has a natural light honey color.  It is dyed beautifully with a rich palette of colors that will enhance your fiber project.

Silk Tops are fibers processed by cleaning, carding, and combing.  Short fibers, neps, and noils are removed and all the remaining long fibers are aligned parallel to each other.  Silk tops can also used by feltmakers to decorate their work with to make a lustrous and colorful final product.

Sold in 25 gram packets.

Sometimes old favorites just have to go. Get some before they are gone

Clearance Sale

25 grams

Normally $12.00

Now $10


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