Gentle Roller Felting Machine

The Gentle Roller - wet felt rolling machine



Outback Fibers is representing The Gentle Roller. 

It is a fantastic product that eliminates so much of the hard rolling work that goes into the felting process.  You can really make beautiful, quality felted products so much easier.

The Gentle Roller is a new device for an ancient craft - a wet felt rolling machine invented for fibre artists of the 21st Century.  The Gentle Roller is a break-through in the exhausting and repetitive process of hand rolling, helping you to create better felt or nuno felt — without hard work.

With its oscillating (forward and backward) action, The Gentle Roller is the only true replacement for hand rolling.

This compact, safe, and attractive tool will complement your studio and work quietly beside you, freeing you for more important activities like planning your next piece or enjoying a well-earned break.

It may be compact in height and depth but we haven't scrimped on the important dimension - we've delivered you a large roller platform.  The smaller Gentle Roller comes with a roller width of 1100mm (43 inch) allowing you to comfortably handle 36 inch wide fabric.  The larger  roller width of 1400mm (55 inch) will easily cope with 48 inch wide fabric.  Both machines can also be used for multiple items at once if you work with narrower pieces plus they come with an optional fulling drum and optional second drive rollers for increased efficiency.




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