Ruffle Collar or Scarf Kit

The Ruffle Scarf or The Ruffle Collar Kit are for felters who are looking for a unique way of creating a scarf or collar look with a ruffle. This kit provides coordinated colors of the components.

Level of felting expertise needed: Intermediate to Advanced

Let us help you make your felting experience enjoyable and successful! The kit includes all the necessary items for a beautiful Ruffle Scarf or Ruffle Collar.

Ruffle Collarrufflecollar.jpg

The Finished Collar should wrap around to the front with extra ruffle under the chin. This can be lightly folded and bunched together and fastened with a brooch or clip.

 Complete Outback Ruffle Collar Kit includes:


Ruffle Scarf


The Finished Scarf should wrap twice around the neck finishing in the front. Arrange ruffles to suit.

Complete Outback Ruffle Scarf Kit includes: