ProFusion Perfection

What is ProFusion Prefelt

Outback ProFusion or Wool Prefelt is a lightweight, needled pre-felt yardage that can be used in numerous ways to speed up your felting, or to add another dimension of creativity. ProFusion is produced exclusively for Outback Fibers in Australia. It is needled at a 60" (approx) width in 100-meter rolls and is cut into various sizes by us once it arrives at the Outback Fibers warehouse in Colorado.

How to use ProFusion prefelts

How to Create Yardage

To create felt yardage in less time, and with less effort than you thought possible, take a full or half-size sheet and unfold it into a single or double thickness. A single thickness, when fully felted, will produce yardage that is very lightweight, and may possibly have some thin patches. A double thickness will produce a yardage that can be cut and sewn into garments without bulky seams. Three layers will yield a yardage suitable for making a coat or using as a blanket.

Several options for initially felting the ProFusion

Design ideas

Our ProFusion is the thinnest on the market and is designed to permit an additional layer of surface design fibers to be added without the finished felt becoming too bulky to drape well for a scarf. For garment yardage we would typically recommend two layers of prefelt with desired surface elements being added.

Different colors can be layered together to create attractive yardage that offers reverse collar/cuffs options when folded back.

Nylon cording can be placed between multiple layers to create channels that can be cut to reveal the colors beneath. Fulling by tossing is the best method to cause the channels to flare open.

Cutting or slashing should be done in during the fulling stage to avoid cuts from stretching too much. Practice will help you create the effects you desire.

Feel free to experiment with our ProFusion, and send us photos of new and interesting effects you come up with. We would be happy to feature your creations.

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