Dyed Margilan Silk Fabric-9-Yds

Dyed Margilan Silk--9 yds

Our most recent shipment of Margilan Silk is a little less than perfect.
While we have come to expect some flaws and irregularities woven into this lovely fabric, it is unusual to receive yardage with considerably more flaws than anticipated.  It does not meet the high standard that we prefer to always offer to our customers.
Dyeing the fabric seems to make the flaws less noticeable, and many felters scrunch the fabric to achieve more texture, which can also hide imperfections. It is still a viable product.  That said, we want to discount the stock we have here.  It will be dyed in longer lengths to allow for some of the garment classes currently being offered online, and will be on sale for a discount of $1 per yd.
We have photographed the silk with a wool bundle from our merino line to help provide better color perception.  Since margilan silk is best featured on a darker background of wool, we have chosen colors that would work well beneath each dyed fabric.  Again, the wool is for reference only and NOT included in the price.