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Superfine Merino
ProFusion Prefelts 
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-Merino Harmonies

Treetops Wool & Silk
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-Throwster's Waste

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Needle Felting

Order wool and needles from us!

Mixed Bags

Mixed Bags are a great way to try a number of colors.

Throwster's Waste

Wool Felting Batts

Felting Batts!  We now stock Merino-Corriedale batts in 6 natural colors. 

Feltmaking Kit

New felter?
Felt teacher?
Felt classes?
Try our NEW Felt Kits!!!

Color Palette Take a look at the entire color palette of our 100% merino roving
Merino wool fiber Color Palette from Outback Fibers
This palette is available NOW! Approx 1lb and contains approx. 22" of all colors. Buy Now

Wool Scarves

Check out this page showing some beautiful scarves and jackets. If you would like a workshop for scarves, contact us.

Outback Fibers sells imported Australian sheepskins. These are great as throw rugs and baby mats. 


Look at this 

Superfine Merino Wool | Nuno Felting | Nuno Silk Fabric | Georgette Silk FabricProFusion Prefelt
How to make Felt. Basic and Advanced Felt-making instructions? Beginner Feltmaking videos | Video on Pre-Felts and Silk Hankies  | Video on Felting with Space Dyed Rovings

Outback Fibers, a leading source of felting fibers for fiber artists, is pleased to provide a major benefit for our wonderful customers.

Due to our sourcing initiatives, we have been able to provide a major price reduction for all our 18.5 micron Superfine Merino Top. It is now priced at the same level as our 22 micron Merino Top. View the New Merino Wool Page.

There will be a gradual transition from our fine 22-micron merino top to a SUPERFINE 18.5 micron merino for our full line of colors.  

Outback Fibers is located in Colorado and specializes in supplying fiber artists with the finest in silk and wool for felting.  We supply Merino wool roving, wool batts, silk roving, felting kits, quilt embellishment products, and other wool products to felting, nuno felting, and spinning artists throughout North America.

Outback Fibers is also a premier source of products and information for the felting artist interested in Nuno felting, surface embellishment with silk fibers, needle felting, laminated felt, thin felt and using pre-felts.

Are you new to  felting?  You may want to purchase our Outback Felting Kit.  It has everything you need for learning the basics of the ancient art of felting.

Looking for Felting Instructions? We have them... from Basic to Advanced. Look at the new Beginner's Feltmaking videos.

Stained Glass Scarf from silk and merinoWould you like to create a felt scarf like this?  Have a look at our scarf instructions.  Contact us to set up a workshop. Give us a call.  We can help. .


Profusion colorsOutback Fibers manufactures and imports Needled Prefelts from Australia.  This felting fabric is the most innovative product on the market and is made from Extrafine Merino (20 microns) finely needled into pre-felt yardage, approximately 60" wide and 80" long, yet weighing only a few ounces.  Use a single sheet for a gossamer-weight felt, or layer it, cut it, collage it. Use it with a fabric base or use it alone. Eliminates tedious lay-out time and produces a fine and even finished felt. Need longer lengths?  We can do it.

Profusion ColorsWe manufacture and sell Outback ProFusion Prefelts.  This prefelt is light weight and provides an excellent drape for scarves.  Designers and fiber artists are using ProFusion in some amazing ways.  Find the prefelts on the Outback ProFusion page.

Outback ProFusion felting instructions

Outback ProFusion Needled Prefelt Sampler 
Outback Profusion Sampler Pack
Try a sample of all the colors.  Our ProFusion Prefelt Sampler Pack offers the full line of 19 colors in 10 inch squares so that you can see and try them all. 

Outback Fibers Needled Prefelts (Felting Fabric) are used by fiber artist, Maggy Pavlou, who uses multi-layers of wool felt to produce a beautiful art to wear garment.  See pictures of Maggy's work. 

Outback fibers is a  distributor of silk fibers from Treetops Colour Harmonies.  



Needle FeltingTropical grab-bag for needle felting
If you are interested in the hot new trend in art and surface design, find out about our wool and silk needle felting products. See the fantastic combinations of colors available in our needle felting grab bags


Have you seen the Magical Threads Poncho by Marilyn Badger on HGTV?  We have hand-dyed tussah silk and bombyx silk tops for long-arm quilters.

Felt Kits

Outback Felt Kit

Outback Felting Kit
+ shipping


Mixed Bags

Wool Batts

Outaback Mixed Bags
Mixed Bags

Outback Wool Batts
Wool Batts

Color Palette

Merino wool fiber Color Palette from Outback Fibers

Would you like to buy a sampling of over 50 of our colors?

Outback Color Palette
Buy Now
$50 ea


Outback Fibers
Superfine Merino wool roving fiber for felting and spinning.
We stock close to 100 glorious colors of 100% merino wool fiber plus additional wool blends. We sell our wool fiber to a large number of beginning and experienced felters and spinners all over North America. We also stock wool batts for felting in six colors (Merino - Corriedale blend)

Superfine wool is designated below 19 microns. These "Superfine" wools are 18.5 microns.  You will also find 22 micron colors on the page as we transition to superfine

Merino Harmonies from Treetops

Outback Felting Workshops
Beginners... Intermediate... Advanced. Jill Gully is an experienced and skilled instructor in the felting arts. Felt making workshops are available.
Doll Making
Felt making allows doll makers to create unique clothing designs. The art of Needle Felting can be used to sculpt faces and bodies.  We sell felting needles.  Call for prices.
Felting Instructions
A wealth of felting instruction is available for individuals who want to try felting for the first time and for those felters looking for new or helpful felting ideas.
Outback Creations
Our site also shows unique felted products like jackets, vests, scarves, hats.
We stock luxurious Australian sheepskins .
Embellished Quilting
Outback Fibers is used by quilt artists in North America who are making felt for their embellished or crazy quilts. Felt is a great surface for decorative stitching. It is easy to stitch on and adds wonderful depth to your work. Try our Felting Kit for a quick introduction to felting.

Outback Fibers
Exclusive Australian Merino Wool Fibers

Our 18.5 micron merino wool roving is combed and dyed. Ready for use! NO washing, combing, or dyeing. This 100% merino roving is available in stunning colors named to depict the rich Australian continent in both nature and heritage.  If you have never felted with merino fiber, you are in for a sweet surprise.

We also import a variety of merino color blends and merino blended with other exotic fibers. We currently have the following blends available in multiple colors:

  • Merino Blended Colors
  • Merino/Silk
  • Space Dyed Merino
  • Space Dyed Silk

Felting Instructions

The Outback Fibers also has an abundance of information about the ancient craft of Felting. Follow the links to get beginning and advanced felting instructions.


Outback Fibers 
The discerning Fiber Artist's complete source 
for merino wool roving, pre-felts, and silk fibers

Address:  PO Box 55, Coaldale, CO  81222
Phone orders: 512-222-WOOL (9665) or 800-276-5015
International:   512-222-9665
Fax:   440-575-6316
Email orders: Email Orders

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What's Up?

Woolful Wonderings Blog

Ruffle Scarf Kit
Ruffle Scarf

Superfine Wool Top

Undyed Silk Roving
Tussah or Bombyx

New Throwster's Waste color

New Silk fabric colors for Nuno Felting

Nuno Silk Fabric

Nuno Felted Wrap made from our Habbotai Silk Fabric
Outback Fibers Habbotai Silk Fabric
Alex Cortes produced this nuno wrap from our Silk Fabric in the Ironbark color.

Mawata Silk Hankies

New Hankie colors

Undyed Silk Hankies
Undyed Silk Hankies
We have the undyed silk hankies back in stock.

Georgette (or Tissue) Silk
Tissue Silk
Try our new Georgette (Tissue) Silk fabric.  Six new colors.  Sold by the meter.

Polwarth Roving

Merino/Silk Blends

Tussah Harmonies Colors

Wool Batts
Look at our line of  Merino-Corriedale Batts.

ProFusion Colors
Look at our ProFusion Line of prefelts.  This will speed up your fiber projects  

Nuno Felting
Fabric and Kits for Nuno felting. Dyed silk fabric matched with fine Merino wool.

Jacket by Dana Connell
This jacket was made from Treetops Merino Harmonies
Jacket by Dana Connell

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Outback Fibers

Woolful Wonderings
Read Jill's Blog

Needle Felting
Bag of Bits

Bits and Pieces

Needle Felting Grab-bags
Needle Felting Grag-bags
Grab a bag of mixed wool or silk fiber for your needle felting projects. Get a Grab-bag

Merino Harmonies

Silk Hankies

Have a look at our Silk Hankies. We have over 25 colors. Choose a combo pack for your project. 

Throwster's Waste
This is cool stuff. Bits of silk fiber waste for embellishment.

Needle Felting AdaptorNeedle felting adaptor for a sewing machine
Turn a sewing machine into a needle felting machine with this needle felting adaptor

Felting Instructions
Want to learn how to make felt? Look at these instructions.

Would you like to have a workshop in your area?  Contact us at 800-276-5015

Quilt Embellishment
We provide products for decorating your special quilt projects

Gift Certificates 
A great way to give our quality products

Felbi Prefelt  
From Fibre Fusion. 
Wonderful prefelt fabric.

Felt Bead Kit
New Kit for beadmakers

Merino Nuance Fibers
18.5 micron in unique colors


Attention Long Arm Quilters!
Have you seen the Magical Threads Poncho on HGTV?

Feltmaking Workshops

Workshops for all levels

 Are you interested in scheduling a class?  There may be enough people in your area to conduct a class through our network. 
Felting class information

Silk Roving

Treetops Colour Harmonies Silk
Silk scarves made from Treetops Colour Harmonies
Outback Fibers supplies silk fiber. See our colors from Treetops Colour Harmonies. Also, have a look at the merino and silk scarves.

Outback Fibers in Action

Felt ArtClouds by Linda Brooks Hirschman
Linda Brooks Hirschman

Doll Making
Doll making by needle felting

Visit our doll making page.

Featured Artists

Clouds by Linda Brooks Hirschman

Deborah Pope
Doll Maker

Kathy Hays Doll Maker

Wall Hanging at Baylor University


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