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Mixed Bags are a great way to try a number of colors.

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Felting Batts!  We now stock Merino-Corriedale batts in 6 natural colors. 

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Color Palette Take a look at the entire color palette of our 100% merino roving
Merino wool fiber Color Palette from Outback Fibers
This palette is available NOW! Approx 1lb and contains approx. 22" of all colors. Buy Now

Wool Scarves

Check out this page showing some beautiful scarves and jackets. If you would like a workshop for scarves, contact us.

Outback Fibers sells imported Australian sheepskins. These are great as throw rugs and baby mats. 



ProFusion Needled Prefelts 

You will enjoy this product.  Here is what a user wrote:
"A bit of a confession here ... I used to feel that using prefelt was sort of cheating and that if I was really any good, I wouldn't need it. Well, obviously I was simply [not thinking] and in an effort to curb my tendency to be thick, decided to explore using it. In the past year I've purchased and used prefelt... and am now quite the fan."

Excellent quality.  Lot's of people are discovering the benefit of using prefelts.
A user says
"...I just wanted to thank you for your really superior pre-felts. I've worked with other fibers and there is no comparison for ease of use, non-fugitive dyes or quality of the fiber."

Profusion colorsOutback Fibers now imports our own line of incredible needled prefelt wool batts from Australia.  This felting fabric is the most innovative product on the market and is made from Extrafine Merino (20 microns) finely needled into pre-felt yardage.  It is so sheer, one can see through it.  The Outback ProFusion line will use some of the old favorites and several new colors we know you will love.

If you are interested in doing quality projects quickly and with incredible fineness, try some.  The multitude of ways you can use it is limited only by your creativity.

Outback ProFusion prefelts are offered in standard cuts of 80" x 9", 80" x 28-30", and 80" x 58-60". Note:  the widths can vary due to the manufacturing process.  Steam ironing the prefelt before use can help expand the width.  We are also able to provide custom lengths longer than 80".  Please call or email for a quote.

We still have a stock of Felbi Felting Fabric in scarf sizes available for purchase. The colors are shown below. 

Use a single sheet of the needled prefelt for a gossamer-weight felt, or layer it, cut it, collage it. Use it with a fabric base or use it alone. Outback ProFusion needled prefelts eliminate tedious lay-out time and produces a fine and even finished felt.  If felted in one layer it then needs to be felted well (fulled) to give it integrity. Once this is done, it creates a felted piece that is heavily fulled, yet still soft and with some drape.  Click here for felting instructions for this felting fabric.  See below for more pictures. 

The prefelt or felting fabric does need to be felted. It does not have enough integrity in its original state to use as a fabric.  This product is needled at approximately 75 grams/sq-meter (2.25 oz/sq-yd).  The color Aubergine is needled slightly thicker at approximately 100 gm/sq-meter (2.9 oz/sq-yd)

See more pictures below.

Note:  If longer lengths are desired, call or email your request.

Color Sampler

Profusion Sampler

Outback ProFusion
Needled Prefelt Sampler 

$24 /pack

A collection of 19 pieces 
(19 colors) in 10 inch squares

Profusion Sampler

Outback ProFusion
Needled Prefelt Sampler 

$42 /pack

A collection of 38 pieces 
(2 each of 19 colors) in 10 inch squares

Outback ProFusion Prefelts

Profusion color group Scarf Size Prefelts
approx 80" x 9"
Half Size Prefelts 
approx 80" x 28-30"
Full Size Prefelts
approx 80" x 58-60"
Color Samples 9.00 ea 21.00 ea 38.00 ea
New Colors
Capricorn ProFusion Prefelt Capricorn
(bright turquoise) 
NEW Color

Terra Cotta ProFusion Prefelt Terra Cotta
(burnt orange)
NEW Color

Putty ProFusion Prefelt Putty
(light tan)
NEW Color


Aubergine ProFusion Prefelt

This color is needled slightly thicker at 100gsm

Pinon ProFusion Prefelt


Dijon ProFusion Prefelt

(earthy gold)

Graphite ProFusion Prefelt


Grenadine ProFusion Prefelt

(cool primary red)

Paprika ProFusion Prefelt

(rustic brick-red)

Peony Peony
(hot, bold pink)

Cornflower Cornflower
(bright periwinkle)

Sagebrush Sagebrush
(soft, grey-green with warm undertones)

Natural Natural

Black Black
(jet black)

Butterscotch Butterscotch
(honey golden yellow)

Gooseberry Gooseberry
(mossy olive green)

Mallard Mallard
(dark teal blue)

Truffle Truffle
(luscious dark chocolate)

Boysenberry Boysenberry
(rich eggplant)

Email for lengths greater than 80"
More colors below


The following section shows the remaining stock available for: Felbi Felting Fabric 

Scarf Size Prefelts
approx 80" x 9"
Half Size Prefelts 
approx 80" x 28-30"
Full Size Prefelts
approx 80" x 58-60"
9.00 ea 21.00 ea 38.00 ea
(dark grape)

Lemongrass Lemongrass
(pale yellow)

Rose Quartz
(soft dusty pink)


Artist--Maggy Pavlou Fiber artist Maggy Pavlou uses Outback Profusion Felting Fabric with beautiful results
<--Coat by-->
 by Jill Gully





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